Sylvie is a surprising traveler. Since she left her garden in the forest, no place has held her or closed her in. So much the better. Because she is never as much herself as in the uncertainty of an ephemeral life’s fragments.

She loves to explore fragility and intensity to observe, to marvel, or to be moved in relation with the world at once intimate and unfamiliar.

These photos are not technical, she doesn’t undress nature on the contrary but attempts to guess the mysteries as you would try on new clothes which transform and reveal you little by little.

And no matter if she retakes the same path, it will always be different, offering other lights, other filters, other curious surprises.

There is enough beauty waiting to be discovered, in the peeling skin of a mushroom, in the lacy veins of a dead leaf in the immensity of a world in perpetual movement.

Philomène Kelixte